Air Duct Installations are proudly on display throughout the African continent. From shopping malls to airports, office blocks and high rise buildings, larger independent chain stores to iconic and government buildings. Air Duct are everywhere in Africa.

Once a project is completed, our policy is to remain on site servicing and maintaining our installation over the traditional 12 month warranty period.

Our clients understand that we as Air Duct, their preferred installation contractor, are also better and far more equipped to then service and maintain the system that we have designed, installed, and successfully commissioned. This is essential to ensure that the plant remains in perfect working order, for as far into the future as possible, thus offering the client the comfort that their investment is in our safe and experienced hands. Based on this trust, we have partnered with numerous organisations around the globe, and have formed strong working bonds and relationships due to our commitment, experience and transparent integrity.

We currently maintain and service our installations all across the African continent. Regions where we are particularly active are Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa.

Further to this, we as Air Duct Maintenance, realise the value in protecting our proud Air Duct brand. This is only achieved by offering a world class maintenance and service product thereafter, which we know is essential to this cause.  We have the experience and capability, as well as the resources, knowledge and understanding that preventative maintenance is far more efficient and cost effective than reactive and often inexperienced maintenance.  Choosing to not enter into a service contract can prove to be a high risk decision, the resulting cost implication of this risk (more often than not) is nothing short of daunting! We have experienced on numerous occasions, especially in Africa, that when Air Duct are called in to take over an existing maintenance contract, the damage caused by poor maintenance is significant. Deterioration can happen in a very short period of time, and seriously reduce the lifespan the system should last for.

In addition to our Air Conditioning and ventillation experience, we are also experts in the maintenance of our Fire Protection Systems and Sewage Plant Installations. From the most basic HVAC systems to the largest, the most modern and technically advanced, we have the knowledge and experience to service and maintain any of the latest products available on the world market, and the resources to back it up.

The following is a list of where and with who in Africa Air Duct are currently contracted, detailing the different AC units and systems we maintain:

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